TechDetox Box: Locked Charging Station for Kids

Take Control of Screen Time

Introducing TechDetox Box:

A Simple Solution to Protect Children from Smartphone Addiction

Locked Phone Charging Station for Kids - Simple Lock

Locked Phone Charging Station for Kids - Smart Fingerprint Lock

What Is TechDetox Box?

locked phone charging station for kids
  • Central location to charge phones outside the bedroom
  • Fast screen time management for busy parents
  • No unauthorized use: physically separates children from phones
  • An actual metal safe, not easy to break
  • Stay ahead of tech-savvy kids with a time-tested concept
  • Make time for: sleep, homework, family, play, reading, chores
  • Help your children resist the dark psychology of addictive tech

Child-Proof your House from Addictive Tech

locked phone charging station for kids

Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Reach.

Who Is TechDetox Box For?

two children looking at the phones

TechDetox Box makes a parent-enforced digital detox possible

protect what matters techdetox box

TechDetox Box complements existing screen time management solutions

  • Parental controls address the problem of what’s available ON the screen
  • TechDetox Box keeps the screen OUT of kids’ hands altogether

What Is The Problem?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

  • Limit children’s screen time
  • Media-free zones (no tech in the bedrooms)
  • Media-free times (no tech at mealtimes)
  • Charge phones in a central location

How Does It Work: The Science of Behavior Design

  • User engagement depends on the presence of the screen
  • A phone in plain view distracts the child from all other human activity
  • A notification is a prompt to grab the phone, and be sucked into it
  • When we remove the cue (phone) from the environment, we disrupt the interface of addiction designed to hijack our kids
  • TechDetox Box serves as a commitment device that makes doing the right thing easy: stealing screen time is no longer an option
  • Self-control is a limited resource, especially for children
  • No Phone = No Temptation. The cookie jar is locked.

To Break a Habit, Make the Habit Harder to Do

How To Use TechDetox Box

Simple Lock:

TechDetox Box steps

Smart Fingerprint Lock:

To Set Up:
• With the safe open, use the pin and press the setting switch (tiny hole on the side of the lock) once
• Lock light turns blue
• Press and release the finger 6-10 times, each time for a second
• When the light turns green and beeps twice, the fingerprint is registered
• Green light turns off and blue light turns on again to register the next fingerprint
• Repeat the same steps for each fingerprint
• If no more fingerprints need to be registered, just wait for the blue light to go off
• You can now open the safe only with the fingerprints you registered, or with the emergency USB key. With any other finger the light turns red and the lock would not open. 
  • Use TechDetox Box as part of your family screen time management plan
  • Place TechDetox Box in a central location away from kids’ bedrooms
  • Use charging cables you already have
  • Silence the phone or enable the Do Not Disturb function
  • Talk to your children about building healthy digital habits
  • Please do not lock up your partner’s phone without their consent 🙂
  • Pair up with a small charging station (optional):

Our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try TechDetox Box in your home risk-free for 90 days. If it does not work for your family, send it back for a refund, no questions asked. 

techdetox box