TechDetox Box Fingerprint Lock

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Locked Charging Station for Phones to Prevent Kids’ Smartphone Addiction.

Screen time management for parents, simplified.

Smart fingerprint lock, stores multiple fingerprints.

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  • Central location to charge phones outside the bedroom
  • Fast screen time management for busy parents
  • Smart fingerprint lock with an emergency USB key
  • No unauthorized use: physically separates children from phones
  • An actual metal safe, not easy to break
  • Stay ahead of tech-savvy kids with a time-tested concept
  • Make time for: sleep, homework, family, play, reading, chores
  • Help your children resist the dark psychology of addictive tech

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5 reviews for TechDetox Box Fingerprint Lock

  1. Lou S.

    Wonderful and simple solution. The website also has a lot of info about digital dangers.

  2. Marielle

    What a great idea to help parents to manage the « devil ». Especially helpful for young children born after the advent of smartphones and some teenagers who recognize the addiction and want to change their behavior.

  3. Dirk S.

    Very helpful with phones. Two spontaneous comments: iPads are just as addictive – they would not fit?! We have four children, so much more stuff to lock and charge. Maybe offer a larger box that can house more and larger devices?!

  4. Melanie G.

    Techdetoxbox is a good idea for kids and may I add, also for us parents, to set an example and also stay offline.

  5. Ursula B.

    Instead of hiding children’s phones in a closet or somewhere else in the house I plan to use the lockbox as part of a holistic approach to disciplining children with respect to their use of technology. A solution to a problem that many parents have been facing.

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