How to Limit Screen Time and Protect Your Family from Addictive Technology

It's Not Your Child's Fault. It's Not Your Parenting Failure.

It's Technology Intentionally Designed to Be Addictive.

Take Control of Screen Time

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A Simple Solution to Protect Children from Smartphone Addiction

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Gabb is a child-safe phone that only looks like a smartphone:

  • Communication without addiction
  • Looks cool and preserves social standing among other kids
  • Real-time GPS tracking for parents to know where kids are

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Pinwheel parent-managed smartphone:

  • Parents can choose from 500+ vetted apps
  • Protects kids’ attention and wellbeing
  • No Internet browser, no App store, no social media, no video games

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Gryphon Parental Control Routers & Advanced Internet Safety System:

  • Best parental controls hardware for your family WiFi network
  • Protection against screen time addiction, inappropriate content, hackers & privacy threats.

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Bark Online Monitoring Software:

  • Best to protect kids from cyberbullying, sexual content, online predators, depression, suicidal ideation, threats of violence, and more.
  • Monitors texts, email, YouTube, 30+ apps and social media.

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"Your work here is very much aligned with one of the facets worth exploring: education, self-defense, and individual/family-level resilience. While I definitely believe business models must change, and policy/regulatory intervention is critical to alter course toward healthier futures, I believe your work is immediately impactful, timeless, and durable against potentially worsening conditions."
Brandon R.
Tech Designer