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About TechDetox Mom:

Hello, I am Kate. I am a mom of three kids, and 90% of my parenting for over a decade has been focused on preventing them from turning into digital zombies. I am a digital wellbeing advocate.

I research the effects of digital media on child development and advise families on screen time management solutions to protect themselves from addictive technology. I write about digital wellbeing habits and defense strategies to disrupt addictive user interface and algorithmic mind control.

I am passionate about figuring out how to solve what seems to be the biggest parenting problem of our time – screen time management – for my family and for others. TechDetoxBox was created to help my fellow parents understand how serious the Problem of digital media overuse really is, and to find the best Solutions to protect our children from the harmful effects of addictive tech. 

I am not a scientist, I do not have a research lab in a big university. I am a practitioner of the craft of screen time management, because I have no other choice. I live with 3 test subjects 24/7, and I need to protect them from harm – with a passion of a mother bear.

It’s my own children whose wellbeing is on the line. I have skin in the game. 

However, the conversation about addictive technology cannot be limited to children. Something is happening to the adults too. The more digital media takes over our lives, the more anxious, overwhelmed, depressed, and angry we become. We cannot help our children if we are emotionally falling apart. Through my work, I aim to raise awareness of toxic effects of technology overuse, and teach humans of all ages to recognize manipulative design, establish boundaries and build healthy digital habits

I do my field research daily – it’s all around. I observe the relationship with technology our kids, their friends and classmates have. I ask my fellow parents to share their best practices, and their biggest struggles. I talk with school counselors about the effects of digital media on the mental health of students. I read books and research on parenting, psychology, philosophy, education, everything that experts have to say about screen time and children’s wellbeing, and summarize their research into practical actionable strategies. In our family, we try different strategies, make mistakes, learn from them, and course-correct. 

TechDetoxBox is a central resource on all things screen time management. Our mission is to help children and adults prevent digital addiction and reclaim their lives.

The problem of tech-induced “human downgrading” has become obvious in our society. It’s not a small task to stand against Artificial Intelligence that is becoming more powerful by the minute, but if we and our children are to keep our freedom and our very humanity, we have to build a healthier relationship with technology. Think of it as self-defense: digital wellbeing is a priority for all of us. 

Power To The Parents

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