Screen Time: What It Does to Our Children (It's Not Your Fault)

Digital addiction and ADHD techdetoxbox

Honest Definition of Our Parental Fear:

  • Impulsivity, short attention span, and inability to delay gratification are the symptoms of ADHD;
  • They are enforced in the child’s brain by too much screen time, and 
  • It will ruin their lives, compromising education, career, and relationships.  Read more
Distracted: breakdown of education

Learning how to google an answer is not education.

If all the information is so easily accessible online, what’s the point of retaining it in one’s head? Instead of thinking, they give up and just look up an answer on their phones. Read more

Always On: Technology, Stress and Anxiety

Young brain + Constant Digital Stressors =
Stress and Anxiety

So many kids are stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, emotionally falling apart and desperate for help – but adults are at a loss as to what plagues them. Read more

Gaming addiction

The kid is losing sleep, missing developmental milestones, destroying his academic performance and social relationships. The very ability to control his life is sacrificed video game addiction. Read more

Time of your life

What about the most obvious thing that happens when our children never look up from their screens? Kids today are absent from real life. Read more

Big data is after your kids

Everything kids do online is being tracked. Their likes and dislikes, their mistakes, their biggest hopes and deepest fears. Read more

social skills in a digital age graphic

Social skills are disappearing for entire generations of young people whose social life migrated to the screens. Are we creating a generation of psychopaths? Read more

Sleep is essential to children’s health and development. Electronic devices – especially smartphones in their bedrooms – rob kids of their sleep. Here is how it affects children’s health and what parents can do about it. Read more

Emotionally fragile online self

At the first sign of discomfort they reach for the phone. Young people who never learned to deal with their feelings fall apart when life gets hard. Read more

self esteem the sum of all likes

Without the validation from social media, teens feel like THEY DON’T EXIST. There is no real “self”. Self-esteem becomes a sum of all “Likes”. Read more

dirt in your digital footprint

What happens when there is dirt in your digital footprint? Online reputation, once ruined, can lead to catastrophic algorithmic discrimination. Read more

Exposure to darkness: protecting kids from online danger

What age is old enough for our children to lose their innocence and discover that the world could be an ugly and dangerous place? Read more

cheating an a digital age

Learn about the many ways kids are cheating with technology, psychological reasons behind it, and what parents and schools can do to prevent it. Read more

Social media can kill graphic

Social media kills young people. It is responsible for teen suicide epidemic. Read more