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Services provided:

  • Digital products trust and safety, digital ethics consulting

  • Digital wellbeing and screen time management presentations

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Digital Wellbeing Presentations (Virtual and In-Person) available:

For Children:

  • Dirt in Your Digital Footprint: How to Protect Your Online Reputation
  • Your Self-Esteem is Not the Sum of All “Likes”
  • Always On: Technology, Stress, and Anxiety

For Adults: 

  • Toxic effects of social media overuse
  • Resisting the negativity of the news cycle
  • Restoring workplace productivity in the face of digital distractions
  • Parenting strategies for limiting children’s screen time
  • Protecting your personal and family privacy from digital surveillance
  • Recognizing and resisting algorithmic manipulation
  • Building healthy digital habits
Reclaim Your Life from Social Media digital wellbeing presentation techdetoxbox


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