Our Mission

Our mission is to empower families to protect their health and wellbeing from screentime overuse and human downgrading caused by addictive technology.

What we do:

Raising awareness of the problem:

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Finding solutions:

  • Researching parenting strategies and advice from experts;
  • Exploring screen time management parental controls solutions in the marketplace – complete with detailed how-to guides;
  • Providing parents with the tools to fight the power of addictive technology and protect their kids. 
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Do you have questions about screen time management?

  • Do you as a parent want to have total control over the amount of screen time your children are getting?
  • Are you scared of the long-term damage screen time addiction can cause to their health, well-being, and ability to become a functional adult?
  • Are you tired of the constant battles in your house with your kids begging for screen time? Are the “tech tantrums” a common scene in your family?
  • Do your kids break screen time limits you established?
  • Did you ever have to take your teen’s phone away?
  • Do your kids try to go behind your back to get to their screens?

We know, we have been there. Actually, we are still there.  

We are here to find answers – together. 

If grown adults cannot resist the temptation of their smartphones, how can we expect our child’s self-control to match the power of the tech industry engine that spends millions to make products that are intentionally designed to be addictive? How can we expect our children to win this battle on their own? They have no chance.

It’s not their job – it’s ours. We are driven by the most powerful force on the world – our love for our children. Parents are the ones who need to erect a wall of protection around our kids to shield them from the harms of excessive technology use.

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