TechDetox Box

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Screen time management, simplified.

Charge your child’s phone in a locked central location.

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  • Central location to charge phones outside the bedroom
  • Fast screen time management for busy parents
  • No unauthorized use: physically separates children from phones
  • An actual metal safe, not easy to break
  • Stay ahead of tech-savvy kids with a time-tested concept
  • Make time for: sleep, homework, family, play, reading, chores
  • Help your children resist the dark psychology of addictive tech

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13 reviews for TechDetox Box

  1. Philip G.

    So easy to use and understand, and looks very good! Wish there was a larger version for iPads.

  2. Ginny N.

    I love it. I need to detox myself too not just the kids 😊

  3. Sara W.

    The box is in plain sight and the kids have comfort knowing their phones are charging and nearby. So it is “easier” for the children to comply and hand the phones over. Terrific idea. Every Apple store should sell them!

  4. Yana K.

    I am sure this will help many parents but unfortunately so many parents are in denial. I know bunch of parents who dont want to address it because its too stressful for them. I am sure kids who have their phones in their bedrooms overnight are sleep deprived and thus depressed leading to suicide. Its very sad.

  5. Lily Borodkin

    Great product! Easy and effective. It’s a safe that locks. Kids know their phone is there AND it’s charging. Basic and very effective way to create a limit on their screen time. I love the fact that there are no digital sign ups or passwords to use this. It’s a mechanical as it gets and in a world filled with everything digital it’s nice to just have a key 🙂

  6. Eric H.

    The safe fits right in with some of the behavior change strategies I learned about from a book called “How to change” by Katy Milkman, and how there are many strategies people use to change behavior. That’s what I think this is: a commitment device. But the difference is – the parent chooses the commitment device, not the child. The big one in our household is how much agency the kids maintain over their own life.

  7. Robin S.

    I am going to tell about this a few mom and grandmom friends who approached this battle. Is it possible to offer the safe in fun colors? Or make stickers/magnets available to personalize the safe?

  8. Tracy H.

    Maybe I’ll get one for myself too Lol. Very simple out of sight, out of mind concept. Every once in a while I’ll leave my phone in the car and get so much done not even realizing that’s the reason ..until I remember. These phones really are addicting!

  9. Katherine I.

    Lock away the devices to preserve precious family time.

  10. Kerryn S.

    Impressive research on this issue. Identified a problem and came up with a solution.

  11. Soni B.

    It may not fit with all types parenting styles, but in a pinch, most parents probably wish they had this lock box handy! It’s cute, too. Now…where to hide the key?! 😉

  12. Marion B.

    LOVE the idea 😉 I have been using my mini safe (same concept but w/o the charging) ….

  13. Caroline D.

    Many parents / caregivers are rightfully concerned about screen time usage. The safe is low-tech which makes it easy.
    I know this is a hot topic now, especially since Facebook and Instagram (as well as others) are in the limelight with Whistleblower Frances Haugen’s revelations, etc. There IS good need to be concerned, no question. Navigating parenting in the digital age is particularly challenging.
    I think TechDetox Box is a very helpful tool for parents of younger kids (2-5, and especially 5–11), especially if it’s framed with the idea that “the phone needs a rest, etc.” rather than something punitive (i.e., putting the cell phone “in jail.”). When kids are in middle school and above though, I believe it’s very important to help kids learn to self-regulate. That is part of their growing up and becoming healthy adults. If kids that age still feel as if the parent is trying to control them too much, it can often cause immediate conflict and long-term damage to the parent-adult child relationship. Self-regulation is so very important, and I don’t see very much of that in the product language you promote (and on your website).
    And, as you point out on your site, parents need to self-regulate as well! Sometimes that’s an even bigger problem (we’ve all seen it, right?). If parents use their phones / screens indiscriminately and all the time, but they don’t allow their middle-aged and older kids to do so, then a lot of friction can arise. It’s quite a challenge, indeed, since so much of our lives revolve around these devices and the internet.
    At any rate, I believe what you are offering is quite valuable. It is quite a balancing act, and no doubt, the social platforms and internet in general are the Goliath in all of this. Strategic approaches are needed!

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