Best Dumb Phones for Smart Kids

Last Updated on October 20, 2021

Buying a dumb phone for your kid is a smart move. Unlike smartphones, dumb phones will let your child grow up human without developing a smartphone addiction and being exposed to online dangers.

Why Do Parents Buy Phones?

When we decide to get our children their first phone, what we really want is:

  • To be able to reach them via phone calls and texts
  • To give them the freedom to arrange their social life (and free us from this time-consuming responsibility)
  • To track their location to know they are safe

What Actually Happens

These are the reasons we buy our kids a phone: to protect them. To worry about them less. To make sure they are safe.

But what happens in reality is exactly the opposite of “safe”.

A smartphone comes preloaded with these features:

The list goes on. Instead of making our kids safe, a fully-loaded smartphone destroys their humanity. It is the most dangerous object we hand to them.

In our family, we decided to give dumb phones to our kids to opt out from these negative consequences and signed the WaitUntil8th campaign pledge that encourages parents to wait at least until the 8th grade before giving children a smartphone. Considering the ever-growing Ledger of Harms, we might wait even longer. Our oldest is heading into high-school – without a smartphone. 

A dumb phone will ensure that he can focus on his education and actually grow up smart – and independent from smartphone addiction. 

How do we give our children the gift of connectivity - without any of the dangers?

Below is our overview of safe dumb phones for kids and their features. 

I got these phones for my 2 older kids, ages 12 and 15 (who never had smartphones before), and so far, they are thrilled! Stand by for a detailed post documenting their experience. 

What is unique about the GABB phone is that it is a dumb phone that looks like a smartphone so children can preserve their social standing. Kids, especially teenagers, are terrified of not blending in with their tribe – and all of their friends have smartphones. Teens are only rebellious when it comes to parents, with peers they want to conform. With GABB phone, they can look “cool” like their peers with smartphones.

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GABB phone looks like a smartphone, but without all the dangers:

  • No addictive video games
  • No toxic social media
  • No porn
  • No manipulative advertising
  • No distracting apps
  • No Internet browsing
  • Real time GPS tracking of your kid’s Gabb phone from a parent smartphone

It’s much cheaper to replace than an expensive smartphone if the kid loses or breaks it. The only drawback is that you cannot add it to your existing family plan, but the monthly fee of $19.99-$24.99 is comparable to most carriers. I pay it to protect my kids from smartphone addiction until they are old enough to be trusted with actual smartphones.

LG Expression QWERTY phone

The problem with most basic phones is that they are really difficult for texting – you have to press the key several times to get to the letter you need. The phones with slide-out keyboard like LG Expression make texting easy, which is what kids want. And they are an earlier version of touch-screen. 

Before Gabb phones, I bought these QWERTY keyboard dumb phones for 2 of my children and added them to our family plan – without data. Full disclosure: the 12-year old embraced the basic texting and calling and used the phone to communicate with friends, but the 15-year old refused to have anything to do with an “uncool” phone, and only used it when he needed to call us. The phones also had connectivity issues with our carrier, Tmobile.

LG Octane No Contract QWERTY 3G Cell Phone

Another durable feature phone with a real keyboard that makes texting easier. 

Kids Smartwatch Phone with a GPS Tracker - a Cell Phone Alternative

  • The main appeal of these devices is that they allow parents to track kids’ location in real time.
  • Insert a SIM card and add the device as a line with your cell phone provider (not all providers support them).
  • Children can place and receive phone calls only from contacts programmed by parents.
  • Pairs with the parent’s smartphone via an app.
  • Some still come preloaded with distracting games, which kind of defeats the purpose.
  • Gizmo by Verizon was the first to come up with the concept, now a number of options are available, such as this one:

KidsConnect KC2

  • Calling and texting only 4G phone, only pre programmed numbers are allowed
  • No Internet, No Apps
  • GPS Tracker sending coordinates to parents’ phone app
  • SOS Feature to send a text with a GPS location and auto-dial 3 numbers
  • GeoFencing feature allows parents to set a predetermined area and receive an alert if the phone enters or leaves the area.
  • The Voice Monitoring feature allows parents to monitor the child’s surroundings.
  • Only works with KidsConnect plan, cannot connect to your existing carrier. Monthly plans range from $15-$45.
  • A screenless push-to-talk smartphone alternative for kids
  • Preprogrammed numbers for parents or caregivers
  • Pairs with an app on a parent’s smartphone
  • As simple to use as a walkie-talkie, but has the range of a cell phone with nationwide 4G LTE & WiFi coverage
  • A way to keep in touch and track kids’ location without the distractions of screens
  • SOS function for parents to call 911 and send help directly
  • No concerns of exposure to inappropriate content and cyber bullying: parents control available channels of communication
  • Current monthly plans range from $8.33 to $12.50 a month
  • Much cheaper and more durable than a smartphone

Light Phone 2

  • Texting and calling, no images, no camera, no Internet
  • A phone for kids or for adults who wish to unplug: designed to be used as little as possible
  • No social media, ads, news or email
  • Simple music player and a podcasts tool
  • Will work with compatible carriers

ZTE Altair 2

  • An unlocked GSM phone, can be activated with a SIM card from your carrier
  • Skip the data plan to use for only calling and texting
  • Has a keyboard for easy texting
  • Not a smartphone – no WiFi capability

Flip Phones

A flip phone without Internet connection is a simple and affordable option for the first dumb phone for kids. Here are some feature phones without Internet capability to choose from:

What if my child already has a smartphone?

Even if you gave your child a smartphone, it does not automatically mean a life of 24/7 distractions. The problem is Internet access, not the phone itself. And Internet access on the smartphone can be limited in these ways:

With the first smartphone, a good place to start is outlining the rules of engagement with a cell phone contract. As long as mom and dad are paying for devices, family media rules apply:

We plan to keep these rules in place even when our kids are 18. 

Dear son/daughter, once you launch as an adult and pay for your own phone, you can set your own screen time rules.

Hopefully, by then you’d be a mature human being able to resist addictive technology without our help.

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