Screen Time Resources

ScreenStrong lifestyle course promo code

Data Detox Toolkit For Teenagers, funded by the European Union

Commonsense Media

Center for Humane Technology

American Academy of Pediatrics media recommendations

Protect Young Eyes: defending kids from online danger

World Health Organization physical activity guidelines

American Psychological Association digital guidelines

Wait Until 8th: delay the smartphone campaign

Away for the Day: stop phone use in schools campaign

Family Online Safety Institute

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

Center For Digital Democracy

Stanford Behavior Design Lab Screentime Reduction Project

Surveillance Self-Defense guides from the Electronic Frontier Foundation 

reSTART digital rehab center video game addiction support

Center on Media and Child Health, Boston Children Hospital

Children and Screens: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Humane By Design

Deceptive Design Hall of Shame

Social Media Harms

Get Media Savvy