Router plugins with parental controls

How to Use Router Plugins with Parental Controls

Last Updated on December 13, 2023

Why is protecting the router important?

A router is a digital gateway into your home. Anything that comes in from the Internet has to pass through the router. That’s why it is so important to protect your kids from the digital dangers out there by first protecting the router – before you move on to other layers of parental controls. Every device on your family WiFi network will be subject to the same safety guardrails you put in place on the router level. 

There are several ways to protect the router

What is a parental controls plugin device?

  • If you already have a router set up and configured and would rather not mess with it, you can add an extension (plug-in device) with parental controls you want to have on your family WiFi network. 
  • The device serves as a filter and applies parental controls to all devices on your family network. 
  • It can plug into your existing router via a cable or wireless connection. 
  • It can be:
    1. Full-service router with your preferred set of built-in parental controls connected to your existing router in bridge mode 
    2. Parental controls device added to your network 

Best Router Plugins

We have studied the reviews from actual users: parents who purchased and used one of these devices. We tried to only include the products with mostly positive reviews.

Circle by Disney (recently discontinued)

  • Wireless connection to your existing network
  • A subscription service with a monthly fee
  • Limit screen time
  • Restrict online content for all connected devices by age
  • Created a profile for each child and add multiple devices
  • Set bedtimes, downtime, and rewards
  • Comes with the Circle App

  • Connects to your Wi-Fi router to manage all internet-connected devices in your house
  • Set daily schedules, including bedtime, school time, and free time
  • Choose which websites are allowed or blocked on every device to protect your child from inappropriate content, gaming, and porn
  • Block potentially dangerous apps like Snapchat and TikTok
  • A subscription is not required with the purchase of Bark Home
  • Subscription to Bark premium parental controls app: 20% off for the life of the account with code TECHDETOX20

  • WiFi mesh extender with parental controls included
  • Limit online time and block inappropriate websites according to unique profiles created for each family member.

The CleanerNet Safe Internet Filter

  • Must purchase monthly subscription after a grace period
  • Plugs into your existing router
  • Comes with a companion app
  • Manage Screen Time
  • Filter Content
  • Track Browsing History

Syfer Smart VPN Router Parental Control Device

  • Monthly subscription fee after the grace period
  • Connects between your modem and router
  • Comes with a companion app
  • Protection against ransomware, malware, and phishing
  • Category-based content filtering, but lacks customizable profiles
  • Ad blocker
  • Stops data collection

Firewalla Red

  • Filter and block adult and malicious content
  • Monitor activity
  • Cut off all access, or cut off only gaming or social networks
  • No monthly fee

Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi Parental Control System

  • Plugs directly into your modem
  • Basic parental controls are included, full features are a subscription service to eero Secure service
  • Comes with a companion app
  • Filter content by device
  • Set screen time schedules
  • Create profiles for kids’ devices
  • Turn off Internet
  • Can turn off WiFi with Alexa
  • Malware protection with eero Secure and eero Secure+  (paid subscription services)

Router Limits Mini Internet Filter

  • Connects to your existing router
  • Basic features are included, advanced require a paid subscription
  • Comes with a companion app
  • Cloud-based parental controls
  • Schedule screen time
  • Filter content
  • WiFi or mobile data protection
  • Pause the internet
  • Enforce safe search
  • Lock Youtube restricted mode
  • View browsing history
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