Wii parental controls

A Guide to Wii parental controls


  • Wii gaming consoles are a Nintendo product and are the predecessor to Nintendo Switch. See a guide to Nintendo Parental Controls here
  • There are 3 kinds of Wii systems: Wii, Wii Mini, and Wii U (newer version with a touch screen and ability to play both on the console or the TV)

Wii and Wii Mini

How to Set Up Parental Controls

  1. From the Wii Menu, select the Wii Button > Wii Settings.
  2. Click the blue arrow on the right to access Wii System Settings 2.
  3. Select Parental Controls > Yes.
  4. Click Ok three times to begin setup.
  5. Create a PIN > OK.
  6. Re-enter the PIN > OK.
  7. Select a secret question > OK.
  8. Input the answer > OK.
  9. Select Game Settings and PIN > The Highest Game Rating.
  10. Use the blue arrow to scroll through the ESRB ratings 
  11. Select the desired rating restriction and OK.
  12. Confirm.
  13. Other Settings > OK.
  14. For each setting select Do not restrict or Restrict > Next. Some features will not appear until the Wii Console is connected to the Internet.
  15. Once all selections are made, select Confirm.
  16. Select Settings Complete to save the changes.

What can be restricted

  • Access to content based on the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) game rating categories.  
  • Viewing of certain content which is not subject to game rating: It is possible to allow or restrict use of the Internet Channel, News Channel, Netflix, and certain content on the Wii console that is not subject to game ratings.
  • Exchange of user-generated content
  • Use of Points: restricts the use of Wii Points to send gifts or download games or channels from the Wii Shop Channel.

Features blocked automatically 

  • Internet Settings: Restricts access to Internet Settings in the System Settings.
  • WiiConnect24: Restricts access to WiiConnect24 settings in System Settings.
  • Country Setting: Restricts access to changing the console country setting.

Wii U

How to Set up Parental Controls

  1. From the Wii U Menu, select Parental Controls.
  2. Tap Next or press the A Button.
  3. Create a four-digit PIN > OK.
  4. Re-enter the PIN again to confirm >OK.
  5. Tap OK to select a secret question.
  6. Use the on-screen keyboard to type in the answer to your secret question > OK.  
  7. You can tap Start Over to revise your four-digit PIN and secret question.
  8. Tap OK.
  9. You can register an e-mail address to reset your four-digit PIN should you forget it. Tap Next or press the A Button.
    • If you don’t want to register an e-mail address, tap No E-mail Address or press the X Button.
  10. Tap OK.
  11. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter in a valid e-mail address and tap OK.
  12. Re-enter your e-mail address to confirm it > OK.
    • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address.
  13. You may now adjust the parental controls settings.

What can be restricted

  • Game Rating: Restrict all usage (as well as purchase through the Nintendo eShop) of software exceeding the rating level of your choice.
  • Online Interaction in Games.
  • Internet Browser: Prevent use of the Internet browser.
  • Wii U Shopping Services: Restrict the use of credit cards or the purchase of software through services such as the Nintendo eShop.
  • Friend Registration: Prevent the registrations of friends.
  • Entertainment Excluding Games: Restrict the viewing of video content, both streaming and stored on physical media.
  • Data Management: Restrict the deletion or moving of software or save data using Data Management.
  • Internet Settings: Restrict the addition, modification, or deletion of Internet settings.

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