How to set up Screen Time on a child's iPhone or iPad

Option 1: Individual device: Not using Family Sharing to manage a child account

1. Turn on Screen Time

Settings > Screen Time > Turn On Screen Time

2. Set a Screen Time passcode

Settings > Screen Time > Use Screen Time Passcode (this should be different from the Lock Screen password or your Apple ID password)

3. Set up screen time limits

Settings > Screen Time > Set Downtime, App Limits, Always Allowed, and Content & Privacy Restrictions

To limit the settings to a particular device without creating a family sharing plan, keep Share across devices toggle Off

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Option 2: Multiple Devices: Using Family Sharing to manage a child account*

1. Create a Child Account

Assign child’s device to a child Apple ID to manage their screen time from any of your Apple devices:

Settings > Screen Time > Set Up Screen time for Family > Create a Child Account > Next > Enter your child’s birthday > Next > Enter your payment method > Next > create their Apple ID ([email protected]) > Next > Choose passwords and security questions > Turn on Ask to Buy to approve purchases initiated by your child > Next > Agree to Terms and Conditions*

*Note: You are giving Apple information on who your children are, how old they are, and everything they love. Mitigate privacy issues in privacy settings.

2. Add child to family group

Go to Settings > Click your name > Family Sharing > Add Family Member > Invite in Person > Enter email that was set up as child’s Apple ID > Next > Enter their Apple ID password > Next > Agree to the Parental Privacy Disclosure > Set Ask to Buy and  Location Sharing for your child

3. Set up screen time limits

Settings > Screen Time > This is My Child’s iPad > Set Downtime, App Limits, Always Allowed, and Content & Privacy Restrictions > Continue > Enter a Screen Time passcode.

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Screen time limits

Downtime: time away from the screen, only phone calls and apps that you choose to allow are available. Enter the start and end times >Set Downtime 

App Limits: set daily limits for addictive social networking or games. Show All Categories>Set>Enter an amount of time>Set App Limit.

Communication Limits: Control who in the contacts list your children are allowed to communicate with. Settings > [child’s name] > iCloud>Turn on Contacts. Settings>Screen Time>Communication Limits

Always Allowed: allow access to apps even during downtime or app limit. Phone, Messages, FaceTime, and Maps are always allowed by default, but you can remove them. Settings > Screen Time>Always Allowed>+ or – to add or remove 

Content & Privacy Restrictions: block inappropriate content, purchases, downloads, and set your privacy settings. Settings > Screen Time>This is My Child’s device>Content & Privacy Restrictions

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