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Classroom Phone Organizers: Stop Distraction and Cheating

Last Updated on April 13, 2024

With cell phones in the classroom, teachers can’t teach, and students can’t learn: 

School adapting “Away For The Day” policies report overwhelmingly positive results. Research shows that having phones physically off of the students is the best practice. If the phone is in their pocket or their bag, the temptation is too great. With the phone on their desk, forget about learning. Smartphone is designed to be addictive, and a child’s self control has no chance against the manipulation by the multi-billion dollar industry

Instead of education, they will be getting addictive social media, video games, and pornography.

With the right policies in place, a classroom phone organizer can save the teacher from playing the role of “phone police” and let them concentrate on actual teaching.

Clear Pocket Classroom Phone Organizers

These organizers have a deep psychological reason for having clear pockets: nomophobia. Students experience real anxiety symptoms when separated from their phones. When they see their beloved devices safe and sound in clear pockets, they relax.

Desktop Phone Classroom Organizers

These organizers sit on teacher’s desk or somewhere else in the classroom.

Cell Phone Classroom Locker Box

The phones are still visible, but they are locked.

Lockable Classroom Charging Stations

These are usually used for charging school laptops, chromebooks, and tablets. 

Phone Pocket Chart For Schools

Phone Organizer For Classrooms (30 Pockets) for teachers to increase students’ attention and improve classroom management, made of sustainable materials.

FREE Classroom Phone Storage

Here is one teacher’s creative  – and free – solution to the classroom phone storage problem.

homemade plastic bag for cell phone classroom storage
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