Screen Time Research

Common Sense Media Research: children’s use of media and technology and the impact it has on their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.

The ABCD (Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development) study: the largest long-term study of brain development and child health in the United States.

Pew Research Center: teens, social media and technology

Microsoft study on the impact of digital media on attention span

American Academy of Pediatrics: Children’s Privacy in the Big Data Era

Studies on the connection between ADHD and screen time:

National Academy of Sciences study of cognitive control in media multitaskers

The World Unplugged: The ICMPA-Salzburg Academy study of digital addiction among college students.

Screenagers survey on middle school cell phone policies

Nielsen Total Audience Report on time US adults spend interacting with media 

Mobile touches: a study on how humans use technology

There are many studies about the effects of screens on children’s development, with more coming out all the time. If you feel that a particular study will benefit parents and should be featured here, please contact us and let us know – thank you!